About Us

Our Mission

KetoCan strives to bring Canadians the best quality Keto products with low net carbs for a great Canadian price. We also believe that finding Keto-friendly products can be tough, and sometimes discouraging especially when first starting Keto. We wanted to make it as simple as possible to get the products you love right to your door.

 We are very passionate about the Ketogenic Lifestyle as it has changed and transformed our lives in so many ways. We will always provide snacks and products that are are Keto and Low Carb friendly and are FULL sized. 

Our mission is to keep YOU in ketosis, and help you on your Ketogenic journey!

Meet the Creator of KetoCan

         Diane Timmer is a stay at home mom of five children under the age of six. At 28 years old she realized something needed to change in order to have a better life for herself, her husband, and her children. When she started her Ketogenic journey, not only did she lose that stubborn baby weight, but she gained confidence, a boost in energy and a new sense of self. 

        Diane is very passionate about the Ketogenic Lifestyle and wanted to make it easy for Canadians to subscribe to a box filled with pre-selected Ketogenic products. The importance of being able to Keto "on the go" is imperative for staying in ketosis. Diane will continue to find only the best Keto products to send to your door step, as well as recipesto keep you on the track to  success, if you ever have any questions or concerns feel free to contact her at diane@ketocanbox.com.

What are you waiting for?

Making the change to a Ketogenic Life may seem like a big undertaking... It doesn't have to be! KetoCan has several options to help you ease into Keto, or continue kicking butt fighting fat with fat!